Logic Trace and Jumbo Trace Videos

These videos are roughly in chronological order, newest to oldest. As more videos are made available, we will post them on this page.

Examples, How-To Instructions, Demos

CNC Machine Examples, Features, and more

Clock Dial Digitizing Example

Using logic trace 2018 I traced out this clock dial and enlarged it to make a huge clock dial with a wood frame

Clock Dial CNC Machining

This is part 2 showing the file created being cut on plasma , then the wood frame machined out with the cnc and also a co2 laser cut of 1/4 mahogany plywood of the dial

Digitizing through Paper and Cardboard

Digitizing through paper and cardboard showing how thick of media you can digitize through

Digitizing through Plywood and Plastic

Demonstrating how to digitize through plywood and plastic or acrylic

Tracing Methods

Demonstrationg different methods of digitizing--tracing, lines and arcs, combination and tracing (polylines)

Use a Pen or Cursor?

Logic Trace 2018 Show difference between the cordless pen and the cordless cursor

Jumbo Example and CNC Machine

Once the diagram is digitized then I will create a toolpath and cut the parts and assemble it

Boat Plans Jumbo Example and CNC Cut

Took a set of full sized plans , digitized it and created a toolpath to cut on a cnc machine

Various File Formats

Logic Trace 2018 Various file saving formats ie dxf, dwg, svg, plt, pdf bmp and jpg

Point Frequency

I am going to show the difference between 50 pts/in to 60 pts/in frequency selections

New Circle Methods

Logic Trace 2018 Digitizing circles or holes, to show the precision as you can change the diameter of the hole easily

Spline Curve Fit Example

Logic Trace 2018 Spline curve fit demonstrate using 2 different templates with gentle curves to show spline curve fit

7 Tracing Methods

Logic Trace 2018 various methods available for tracing---7 selections are in the software

Corded vs Cordless Pens

Logic Trace 2018 Corded vs cordless pen going to go through a demo using both corded and cordless pen, results are close

Change Scale using Autoscale

Logic Trace 2018 Using the autoscale selection on a small diagram

Using the Mirror Image Feature

Logic Trace 2018 Mirror image selection going to draw out 1/2 a violin and mirror the other half

5x12' Jumbo Tracer Example

Trace a large cardboard template using the Jumbo Tracer

Digitizing a full size diagram of an instrument panel

Once the diagram was digitized I then cut it out on the CO2 laser

Jumbo Example and CNC cut

This is wall art, which could be hung on a patio wall or around the garden area

Digitizing and aircraft print at 1/4 scale

Digitize an aircraft print 1/4 scale right view of the fuselage and enlarge it to 1/2 scale and cut it out of 1/4 ply on the cnc

Jumbo Tracing between Boards Example

Jumbo Tracing between Boards Example #2

Tracing a Large Template for a Glass Company

Received paper templates from a glass company, I digitized the paper templates, created a dxf file and cut it with the cnc, then fitted the cut piece back on the full sized template

A light weight utility chair retro 1950

Article says its a light weight utility chair published 1950 and assembled with simple notched joints

Digitizing an old diagram and plasma cutting it

Used a 1942 deltagram magazine and digitized a small diagram for a racing horse plasma cut

Drawing up a patio rocker from a 1978 magazine, very small diagram

Demonstrate digitizing a small diagram making all the parts and then cutting them on the cnc ...start to finish

Tracing out a metal part

Tracing out a metal part and creating a dxf file and cutting it out on plasma

Woodworking jointer push stick

Found a small diagram traced it on john walsh's draw program and machined 2 of them out

Tracing an engine gasket and cutting it on the laser

Copying an engine gasket and cutting it on a co2 laser using 2013 logic trace cnc

Digitizing a full size diagram on Jumbo drawing board

A drawing done with a sharpe pen to a vector for maching on a cnc router, co2 laser and plasma