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Pulse Patch Maker


Logic Trace

Digitizing System


Trace an object or pattern on a digitizing tablet and save it as a graphics file on your computer


A typical Logic Trace Digitizing System comes with the following components:

  • New or Used Digitizing Tablet

  • Pen Stylus or Cursor

  • Logic Trace Software

Over 500 companies worldwide

are using TLG's Logic Trace System

Sample Uses of Logic Trace:

Fast, Easy and Accurate Digitizing Solutions

  • Metal Fabrication, Die Cutting, Custom decays and Signs
  • Packaging and Pattern Making

  • Custom Motor, Aircraft, and Boat Parts
  • Embroidery and Scrap Booking
  • And Many More...

TLG Logic Trace System works with a variety of CNC machines

  • Plasma Cutters, Laser Cutters, Waterjets
  • Printers, Plotters
  • Fabric and Cloth Cutters

Logic Trace Software can create DXF, DWG, Gcode, NC, SVG, EPS, PDF and other graphics files of the traced patterns

Place object on tablet
Trace outline with pen stylus or cursor
Create graphics file for CNC, Cad, or Cutting Software



The Logic Group has been in business for twenty five years beginning with products for the oil and gas industry. The Logic Trace System has been available for ten years and is improved with regular updates based on customer suggestions.

Trace Outlines and Create DXF or other graphic files quickly!

Digitizer sizes range from 44"x60" to 12"x12"

Digitizing Tablet Accuracies range between .01" and .002"

  Logic Trace Combine - Create very large templates by combining up to 16 sections

Logic Trace On Screen - Create graphic files from photos and picture files

Why use a Graphics Tablet with Pulse Patch Maker? What Additional Software is Needed?
Save time and money using a graphics tablet to trace designs and outlines for use in Pulse Patch Maker.

Place the item on the graphics tablet, start the Logic Embroidery Trace Software, trace the design, save the design as a graphics file, load the graphics file into Pulse Patch Maker.

 Quick, Accurate, Easy.

Logic Embroidery Trace software is required for tracing designs and loading into Pulse Patch Maker



What is a Digitizing Tablet? What is Logic Embroidery Trace?

An electrical device connected to a computer that sends very accurate X,Y coordinates to the computer using a pen stylus or mouse-like cursor. Place an object or pattern on the digitizing tablet, start the digitizing software, place the pen stylus or cursor where digitizing should begin, push the buttons on the pen or cursor to start digitizing and digitize the object, pattern, design.

Digitizing tablet sizes range from 44x60in (110x150cm), 36x48in (90x120cm), 24x36in (60x90cm), 20x24in (50x60cm), 12x18in (30x45cm), and 12x12in (30x30cm). Standard accuracy is .01" (10/1000) but higher accuracies are available.

Digitizing software is required to use the digitizing tablet.

More Information on Digitizing Tablets



Use a graphics tablet to trace an embroidery design and save as a graphics file


Place the design on the the graphics tablet, start the Logic Embroidery Trace software, use the pen stylus to quickly trace the design and save the design as a graphics file.


Quick, Accurate, Easy


Load the graphics file of the design into your embroidery digitizing software and create an embroidery file for your embroidery machine.

Embroidery Digitizing Software

There are dozens are software programs that will take the graphics file created by the graphics tablet and Logic Trace Embroidery Software and turn the design into a stitch file.


More Information on the software

The Logic Group, providing digitizing solutions worldwide since 1981

















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