Logic Trace Cnc Dxf

Jumbo Tracer

Use a digitizing tablet and our Logic Trace software to quickly and accurately trace a pattern into the computer for use in CNC, Cad and cutting software and hardware

Trace Large Templates using Multiple Digitizing Tablets and The Logic Group Tracing Software and Create DXF Files for Cnc, Cad, and Cutting Industries

For Patterns Up to 5' (1.5M)

For Patterns Larger than 5' (1.5M)

Compatible with almost all software programs including Autocad, Plasmacam, Mastercam, Mach3, Bobcad, Vectric. Works with all hardware including Plasma Cutters, Waterjets, Laser Cutters, Plotters, Vinyl Cutters. Tracing can be freehand drawing, point to point, lines, arcs, circles, and curve fitting

A new product developed by The Logic Group and GTCO Calcomp for tracing large templates using multiple digitizing tablets and Logic Trace software. Up to 16 boards can be connected and used at one time to digitize patterns anywhere from 6' to 100' (2m x 30m) in size.

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