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Logic Trace Cnc Dxf Digitizing System - DXF Drawing

Use a digitizing tablet to trace parts and outlines

Compatible with almost all software programs including Autocad, Plasmacam, Mastercam, Mach3, Bobcad, Vectric

Works with all hardware including Plasma Cutters, Waterjets, Laser Cutters, Plotters, Vinyl Cutters

See the Product Information for a more complete listing of campatible hardware and software.

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Use a digitizing tablet and our Logic Trace software to quickly and accurately trace a pattern into the computer for use in CNC, Cad and cutting software and hardware

Download Brochure

Place part or design on digitizing tablet

Start Logic Trace Software

Trace the pattern

Create DXF file

Load file into CNC software or machine

Current Users - Current Version is 2013

See Update Info and Pricing

For Technical Support contact or call 512-656-8195

Already have a digitizing tablet?

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