Logic Trace CNC DXF Digitizing System

Quickly Create DXF Files for CNC and CAD

Use a Digitizer and Pen to Accurately Trace Parts and Patterns in Minutes!
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Logic Trace CNC DXF Digitizing System

Designed specifically for the CNC, CAD and Pattern Making industries, The Logic Trace Digitizing System consisting of a digitizing tablet, pen and Logic Trace software can quickly and easily trace any outline, template, object, or part and create a DXF graphics file on your computer ready for use by any CNC, CAD or cutting software and machine.

Most commonly requested board sizes are 44"x60" (110x150cm) and 5'x8' (1.5x2.4m) but we also have smaller and larger boards. Accuracy is 0.01" and 0.005".

Works with all machines: plasma cutters, waterjets, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, plotters, any and all CNC machines.

Works with all software: Autocad, Plasmacam, Mastercam, Mach3, Bobcad, Vectric, Vcarve, SigmaNest, Solidworks, Rhino, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Gerber and many others. Our DXF files are compatible with all CNC and CAD software

Very easy to use, takes less than ten minutes to learn.

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  • Trace object or drawing and create DXF graphics file
  • Fast and easy
  • Very accurate with .01" standard, 0.005" accuracy available
  • Complete tracing system consisting of digitizing board, pen stylus and Logic Trace software for creating DXF files.
  • Available size boards include 44x60", 36x48", 24x36", 20x24", 12x18" and 12x12"
  • Metric sizes 110x150cm, 90x120cm, 60x90cm, 50x60cm, 30x45cm and 30x30cm
  • Multiple boards can be connected for tracing very large patterns: 5x8', 5x12', 5x16', 8x11' and bigger. Metric sizes are 1.5x2.5m, 1.5x3.6, 1.5x4.8m, 2.4x3.3m
  • Useful in hundreds of different CNC and Cutting machines including routers, waterjets, plasma, metalworking, manufacturing, wood-working, plastics, furniture, upholstery, garments, machining
  • Useful in hundreds of different industries metalworking, manufacturing, wood-working, plastics, furniture, upholstery, garments, machining, sign-making, boat manufacturing

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  • Trace lines, arcs, curves, points, circles
  • Trace point to point or continuously
  • Generate DXF files with Arcs and Lines or Polylines
  • Generate Gcode files
  • Convert DXF files to other formats
  • Trace object on digitizer using pen stylus or cursor
  • Place object directly on digitizer or trace from template on digitizer
  • Pen can register almost an inch above surface of board, trace through paper, cardboard, plastic, mylar
  • Create accurate graphics files of objects in minutes
  • Normal scaling is 1:1 but different scaling and sizes possible
  • English and metric units
  • Arcs created by digitizing endpoints and any middle point
  • Complex curves can be created using polylines or digitizing multiple points and arcs automatically created

"I am amazed by its simplicity, Logic Trace can do the job in half the time, is cost effective, and increases productivity. I was digitizing patterns within an hour of installing the software. I would highly recommend this product as it is user friendly, very reasonably priced and completes its task with precision. Congratulations on a great product." Manny Ornelas

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Jumbo Tracer

  • A product developed by The Logic Group and GTCO Calcomp for tracing large templatespatterns/parts using multiple digitizing tablets and Logic Jumbo Trace software
  • Up to 16 boards can be connected and used at one time to digitize patterns up to 88' in size (28 m) in size
  • Accuracy across boards maintained through exclusive calibration sheets. During setup, users digitize points on the calibration sheets placed between connecting boards. defining proper alignment
  • Exclusive mounting hardware for connecting multiple boards in any user chosen configuration - rows, columns, squares, and L shaped. Boards can be rotated 90 degrees for additional setup variations. Modular system makes reconfiguration of tablets easy.
  • Sizes available include 5x8', 5x12', 5x16', 8x11' and larger. Metric sizes are 1.5x2.5m, 1.5x3.6, 1.5x4.8m, 2.4x3.3m
More Jumbo Tracer Information

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Digitizing Boards

A Digitizing Board is an electrical-magnetic board and pointer (pen or cursor) that can send highly accurate XY points to a computer program. The board is about an inch thick, contains an electrical grid underneath with a hard Formica surface. The digitizer's pen or cursor (mouse-like device with magnifying glass and crosshair) creates a magnetic field which is "sensed" by the electrical grid in the board. Press the tip of the pen or push a button on the cursor and a highly accurate XY point, representing this location, is sent to the computer through a USB connection. The Logic Trace software then turns those points or stream of points into a DXF file. Most Logic Trace clients prefer using the pen stylus to trace around the edge of a part or pattern.

The pen stylus does not need to be touching the board, the board can sense the tip of the pen almost an inch above the surface without losing accuracy. Digitize through paper, plastic, cardboard, glass.

"I want to inform you, I'm so happy with my new digitalizing board! It makes my life easier" Akos

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Tracing Methods

  • Tracing - Freehand drawing, continuously trace an edge of a part or pattern. For example continuously trace a heart or a pattern of a seat cushion
  • Lines and Arcs - digitize points and have the points connected with lines or arcs. For example digitize the outline of an ice cream cone with a V at the bottom and a semi-circle at the top. Digitize three points for the cone and three points for the arc (actually two points for the arc because it uses the last point digitized of the cone for the first point of the arc
  • Combination - Toggle between freehand tracing and points connected with lines and arcs
  • Point to Point
  • Circles - Digitize any three points on a circle (ie at the top, lower left and lower right and the software uses those three points to calculate and display the circle
  • Curve Fitting - Digitize a series of points along a smooth curve and the software fits a Bezier curve-fit line through all the points

Just wanted to let you know we have now done several jobs with the single board tracer and jumbo tracer software and all has worked great. Hope business is good for you this year. Cheers. Matthew van de Ven

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Compatible Software and Hardware

Compatible with almost all hardware and software programs that reads or import files graphic files

Logic Trace Software is commonly used with Autocad, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Plasmacam, Torchmate, Mastercam, Rhino, Cricut, BobCad-cam, Sheetcam, Omax, OneCNC, Vectric, VCarve, TechnoCNC, TurboCNC, Mach3, Multicam, Enroute, Flow Waterjet, Flexisign. Flashcut CNC, GibbsCam, Dynatorch, and many more.

Logic Trace Software files can be used with laserjets, waterjets, plasma cutters, CNC machines, CNC Routers, printers, plotters, vinyl cutters, die cutters, graphics software, and many more.

"Hi John, I thought I'd drop you a quick email to let you know just how good your tablet and software is proving itself. Over the past week or two I've had a large run of jobs to cut from templates and your system has been brilliant. It's easy to use and more accurate than I had expected. This really is an excellent time saver. Really glad I bought it. Many thanks for a system that does everything it claims to do. A rare find these days. Best regards" Patrick Griffin

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Digitizing Tablet .01" AccuracyPrice
Logic Trace System 44" x 60" (110x150cm)$3600
Logic Trace System 36" x 48" (90x120cm)$3400
Logic Trace System 24" x 36" (60x90cm)$3200
Logic Trace System 20" x 24" (50x60cm)$3000
Logic Trace System 12" x 18" (30x45cm)$2000
Logic Trace System 12" x 12" (30x30cm)$1800
Jumbo Trace System 5' x 8' (1.5 x 2.4m)$8000
Jumbo Trace System 5' x 12' (1.5 x 3.6m)$11,500
Jumbo Trace System 5' x 16' or 8' x 11'$15,000
Jumbo Trace System 8' x 11.5'$22,000

We occasionally have used/refurbished boards available. Contact our office for availability and price.

Woodworking Example Video

Price include Digitizing Board with 0.01" accuracy, pen stylus or cursor, Logic Trace software. Recommend using cursor with rollup digitizer. Refurbished inventory varies week by week. Larger Jumbo Tracer sizes available.


Add $700 to upgrade to .005" accuracy digitizing tablet

Add $900 for a digitizer stand. Add $100 for an extra pen stylus or cursor.

Call our office for prices of a Logic Trace System with a rollup portable digitizer, or call for prices and availability of a system with a refurbished/used digitizing tablet

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Frequent Questions about The Logic Trace Digitizing System

Does it really work? Yes! Accurately digitize a part or pattern in a few minutes. We have been selling the product for over ten years and have over 1000 companies joyfully using the product. Many companies have boards in multiple locations.

Can it digitize metals? Most metals yes, over half of our clients are metal fabricators. It can also digitize paper, cloth, plastic, glass, cardboard, plywood, almost anything. It does have trouble with aluminum, it interferes with the magnetic field in the pen stylus. For aluminum, users must trace onto paper and then digitize the paper.

Can it digitize templates drawn on paper and cardboard or does the pen have to touch the board? Short answer, it can digitize through paper, cardboard, and other materials. Long answer. The board had an electrical grid with a Formica surface, the pen stylus generates a magnetic field which when placed within an inch of the board the board can "sense" exactly where the tip is. We can digitize patterns drawn on paper, cardboard or anything.

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What size boards are available? The most common size boards sold are 44x60 inches or a 5x8' Jumbo. Smaller boards include 36x48, 24x36, 20x24, 12x18, and 12x12 inches. Larger Jumbos include 5'x12', 5'x16', 10'x11' and larger.

Do you have a demo program? The best way to determine if this will work for you in to use one in your office and try it with your patterns and your CNC machines. Buy one and we offer a complete 60-day money back guaranty. Try it and if it doesn't work we will arrange shipping and provide a full refund. Returns rarely happen.

Can I start with a 44x60 now and upgrade to a 5x8' Jumbo later? Yes, buy one 44x60 board now and then buy another board later to make a Jumbo Tracer.

Is the board durable? Yes, it has a hard surface and lasts between 20 and 30 years. It can handle heavy weight, several hundred pounds, care should be taken to not drop anything on it or puncture the board. It can handle dirty shop environments. The surface can easily be cleaned using a damp cloth.

Left the best question for last. How accurate is the pen stylus tracing along a part? The boards come in two accuracies either 0.01" (hundredth of an inch, 10 mil) or 0.005" (5 thousandth 5 mil) and the pen stylus has a sharp plastic tip like a sharpened pencil. Because the pen generates a magnetic field, the board knows exactly where the tip is. Our customers tell us the traced patterns are within the accuracy of the board - .01" or 0.005". We also have a check size feature where two points are digitized on the part and the program automatically resizes the dxf file.

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