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Logic Trace CNC DXF Online Manual
A Quick Example
Installing Logic Trace Software
Installing Digitizer and Drivers
Starting the Software
Placing Items on Digitizer
Setting the Scale
Changing Units
Setting 4 corners
Digitizing Objects
Using the Pointer Buttons
Creating DXF Files
Creating Gcode files
Program Features
Saving and Loading Files
Combine DXF



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Installing Logic Trace CNC/DXF


1. If installing from the CD, place the CD in the drive and run the LogicTraceCncDxfTLGInstall.exe program.


2. If downloading from the internet, use the link in the email. When the download program asks whether to run or save the file, click Run. If the download program says that the publisher cannot be verified, click Run.


3. A security code is required to install the program. When installing the software, the install program displays a 4 digit green number of the computer screen. Contact The Logic Group at 512-263-0118 or 888-362-0648 or email at, tell us the green number and we will give you the security code to enter.


4. The software is a single computer license and can only be installed on one computer at a time. The software can be moved from one computer to another if the software in uninstalled on the first computer. Our office will need to be contacted to get the security code each time the software is installed.


4. When installing the software, input the security code, click Next on the opening screen, click I agree to the license agreement, choose the folder to install the software with the default being:

C:\Program Files\The Logic Group\Logic Trace CNC DXF

We suggest not changing the default folder but it can be changed if desired. Click Install, the program is installed, click Finish.


5. To start the program, click the Windows Start button, Programs, The Logic Group, Logic Trace CNC DXF, Logic Trace CNC DXF.


6. The program does not add a shortcut to the desktop. If you would like to add a shortcut, click Windows, My computer, Local disk C:, Program Files, The Logic Group, Logic Trace CNC DXF. Right click the Logic Trace CNC DXF program file, choose Create Shortcut. Scroll down to the bottom of the folder and find the Shortcut to Logic Trace CNC DXF. Drag the shortcut to the desktop.



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