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CNC Digi 2012 - $500

(Software FREE with a digitizer)


Digitize or trace templates, items, parts, anything

and create a DXF file of the template for

use with CNC software and CNC machines


Digitize or trace anything - objects, parts, plans, pictures - and save the digitized drawing as a DXF file for easy loading into CNC software and to be used by CNC machines.

This program uses a digitizing tablet

Place the item on a digitizing tablet and trace using the tablets pen or cursor



  • Displays items on screen while digitizing/tracing

  • Digitize point to point or continuously, regular or irregular shapes

  • English or metric units

  • Use real sizes, inches and cms or input/calculate scale from image.

  • Extremely fast and easy to use

  • Save digitized drawing as a DXF file, other file formats available

  • Load DXF into CNC software or CNC machine



Here is how the software works:

Start the CNC Digitizer software program
If using the digitizer version, place the item on the digitizing tablet. If using the on-screen version, display the image on the screen. If using the scanner version, scan the image and load image on the screen.  
Input the units English or metric.  
If using the on-screen or scanner version, define the scale by clicking 2 points and inputting the distance between the points.  
Choose to digitize a shape, line, curve or points. Add an optional label.  
Digitize the item

On the digitizer, use the pen stylus or cursor to digitize points or a continuous curve

On the screen image, use the mouse to digitize/trace points or a continuous curve

Digitized items are displayed on screen while digitizing  
Save the digitized drawing as a DXF File  
Load the DXF file into a CNC software or CNC machine  


CNC Digi - $500



Digitizing Tablets

Buy a new or used digitizing tablet and get a copy of CNC Digitizer for FREE.


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The current version of the software is Logic Trace Cnc Dxf 2012.

The update contains improved support for windows 7 and vista, 64-bit computers, recent hardware and several enhancements to the tracing cnc software. The update price is $250.

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