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WinDaisy from Daisy Instruments

Embroidery Digitizing Software



Thank you for your interest in the WinDaisy Embroidery Expert System. This simple, fast and  intelligent system was designed to give you many years of dependable, profitable service. It includes leading edge technologies in the fields of computer technology, advanced mathmatics, and embroidery. We are very proud of all the features and provisions we have built into this system. We know you will love this system for many reasons:

New features in v4.6: 
Automatic round satin stitches
Automatic round and oval satin stitches
Contour fill stitches
Copy, mirror, move, insert, cut, combine, rotate, stretch, delete or change size/shape/density:
In additional to the "specify any two (start/end) points, now user also can specify the area by
               -- needle up
               -- color
               -- drag the mouse
Edit the specified area by the advanced 
object oriented methods
Photo Stitch + Letters System

                                                                    DigiFront2JPG.JPG (17157 bytes)                                                                                     

  • Simple and easy-to-use: Standard
    Windows 95/98 interface gives both
    beginners and seasoned professionals
    a comfortable working enviornment

  • On-screen digitizing: When working
    on-screen, you can control scaling, match components to the on-screen grid, or pan
    from one area of the design to another.
    Special utilities like the rubber curve outline, multiple zooming methods, and fast editing-while-digitizing operation can help you to finish quality embroidery designs on-screen in short order.
    AdjustColor2.JPG (10863 bytes)

  • Artificial Intelligence included: With the WinDaisy Professional digitizing system,
    you can easily change the size of any
    design and have the system re-digitize it to correct density and stitch count. The
    Windaisy system also can automatically
    optimize stitching distribution on corners for
    you, create complex fills while avoiding
    certain areas, and has a stitch processor to change expanded designs to condensed,
    just to name a few of the intelligent, time-saving functions of this system. 
    deer2.jpg (44354 bytes)


  • True thread colors: Display designs
    using 252 true thread colors, both on         

    screen or on your color printer. If the size
    is larger than the printer, WinDaisy can    
    print the design into several separated
    pages which you can "tile" together to
    create a full-size rendition of the design.


  • Real View: The "real view" option can be selected at any time to get a better idea of
    what the design will look like.
                                                                                      realview.JPG (10837 bytes)

  • Automatic satin border: This system  can automatically generate a satin- stitch border around the edge of a satin or filled area.

  • Stitching libraries:  This system comes complete with custom librarieprintout.JPG (25187 bytes)s of Fonts, beads and Complex fill patterns. Give your designs new textures and more variety with the click of a mouse.  

  • Design manager: Search engine
    technologyand an advanced data
    base allow you to look up designs immediately from thousands of
    offerings in the design library. You
    can optionally select the designs and
    print them out, 15 designs per page.
    Build your own catalog of your designs!


  • Combine designs and letters: Add lettering from the in-stock fonts to your designs by just typing the text you want!

  • For all embroidery diskette formats: You can use the commercial/home
    diskette formats dst, dsb, fmc/fdr, exp, zsk, hus, pes, pec, pcs, sew ...

    Click here to see "You can do ALL embroidery diskette formats".

    printonepage3.jpg (66666 bytes)

  • Flexible: Import graphic designs from
    email, scanner, the designs created by
    other graphic software, for on-screen digitizing, or  sketch designs on your
    digitizer tablet.

  • Install this system yourself: The
    software and the User's Manual come
    on a single CD-ROM. It's so easy to
    install and learn the operation of this
    system, that we don't need to try to
    sell you pre-configured hardware.


  • Modular Purchase options: The
    whole system is divided in several
    modular sub-systems which integrate together. You can purchase just the modules you need to design your own system at the best price for you!

    DesignLibrary2.JPG (12238 bytes)                                                                                 

    All functions and details on hardware,
    software, installation as well as operation
    are thoroughly documented in the user's
    manual. You'll feel like you've got a factory 
    representative guiding you through every
    step. All functions are described thoroughly
    and you'll see pictures to demonstrate every

    Monogram2.jpg (43631 bytes)

    Click Here to see sample
    designs created by this
    remarkable system!


Note: Due to ever-progressing technology in computer hardware and software, the User's Manual may lag behind the software. In the event of a slight difference between the software and the User's Manual, please follow the operation of the software.

Digitizing and Editing  (Red letters are the new features in v4.6)
  1. On-screen or tablet digitizing.
  2. Menus display icons and/or text commands
  3. Flexibly select functions by mouse cursor, numeral keys on keyboard.  Menu
sticker or remote keypad is provided for fast operation on large digitizing tablets.
  4. View and edit while digitizing
  5. Photo stitches (From the camera picture)
  6. Automatically generates satin stitches from single lines or curves, round or oval shape.
  7. Automatic border (satin or running stitches) around an area.
  8. Complex fill stitches: (The embroidered "leaf" and "elephant" in the overview section are good examples)
         * Fill any shape while avoiding certain areas.
         * 100 patterns provided for various stitches.
         * Embossed stitches
         * Carved stitches
Traditional A/B fill stitches
Curve fill stitches
Contour fill stitches
  9. Pull compensation
  10. Super stitch processor can change size, density or stitch count of external format designs
  11. Display ruler, grid, stitch points or key points options. Change background color.
  12. Copy, mirror, move, insert, cut, combine, rotate, stretch, delete or change size/shape/density:
         * Stitches (or delete short stitches)
         * Blocks; specified by:
               -- any two (start/end) points
-- color
-- needle up
               -- drag the mouse

         * Whole design  
  13. Change these design parameters while/after digitizing or editing:
         * Size, stitch count or densities
         * Shape of the satin and filled areas
         * Width of the satin stitches
         * Position of any condensed or expanded points
         * Length in running stitches
         * Length in curve running stitches
         * Pattern for complex fill stitches
         * Slope of complex fill stitches
         * Stitch Length in fill stitches
         * Cyclic type of fill stitches
         * Stitching style (same point or different point) of fill stritches
         * The minimum length on the edge of fill stitches  
         * The proportional length of short stitches around  the corner of satin stitches
  14. Edit external format designs (.DST, .EXP, Etc.)
  15. Remove short stitches
  16. Pan, move, zoom
  17. Bead stitches:
          * Straight beads
          * Curve beads
          * Fill beads    
          * Modify or create bead pattern units in library.
  18. Curve running stitches:
          * Single stitching
          * Double stitching at middle point or same point
          * Triple stitching at middle point or same point
  19. Undo function for editing
Monogramming System
This module can be added to the basic system above
  1. Create In line or curve monograms with kerning, italic, slant, rotation.
  2. Change density; change the whole shape; change the width of  blank space
  3. Automatic closest point connection between letters
  4. Combine embroidery designs with lettering
  5. Place a design in an area proportionally by width, height, or make a design fit                  
exactly into the given area.
  6. Display design information
Input / Output
This module is always included in any system
  1. Display / print embroidery designs in 252 real thread colors on monitor or color printer.
  2. Output to paper tape, 3-1/2" diskette in Zsk, Melco.EXP, Barudan .FMC/.FDR, Tajima.DST/.DSB, .HUS, .PES, .PEC, .PCS, .SEW, .KSM, .XXX, .SHV, .DAT,
.DSZ, .FXY, .T01, .T03, .T05, .TAP, .UXY, .10O, and .JEF
  3. Print designs (252 real thread colors) on an 8 1/2" x 11" page. Enlarge / reduce
to fit the page, or tile multiple pages together to reproduce designs larger than a single page.
Database Design Manager
This module can be added to the basic system above
  1. Powerful search engine helps you to search for designs by name, stitch count,
date, size, color, order number, shape, or other categories.
  2. Delete, display or back up the designs in data base
  3. All designs can be displayed in name, date or stitch count order.
  4. Print 15 designs(252 real thread colors) per page to create your own catalog






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