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FloorRight Commercial from Saltire Software

Flooring Digitizing Software



Professionalism In Contract/Commercial Floor Covering

FloorRight Commercial is designed, primarily, for the user who works under severe time pressures, has to handle a high volume of work, often including very large jobs, who meets stiff competition from others in the contract/commercial field, who must be seen to be a top professional and who often has to deal with repetitive specification changes.

Professional Features include:

  • Including all the sophistication of FloorRight 2004
  • Enter areas directly from plans
  • Works with a wide range of digitizers
  • Import AutoCAD DXF or DWG files
  • Roll allocation
  • Handles any scale
  • Works with non-isometric scales
  • Corrects for skewed and stretched drawings
  • Download data from the Leica Disto
  • Trace over bitmaps or scanned drawings
  • Smart feature to handle drawings larger than the digitizer
  • Roll allocation

For the Demanding Contract Professional

FloorRight Commercial has been designed for the busy professional who works from plans, AutoCAD files or scanned drawings, and needs the maximum in speed, flexibility and reliability. Whether you do residential work or huge commercial jobs, FloorRight Commercial will save you time, make your estimates more accurate, enable you to handle changes in seconds and make your bids attractive and professional.

Use Drawings or AutoCAD Files

With FloorRight Commercial you can work with either DXF or DWG files, import a variety of graphics files or work with a digitizer, directly from plans. You can use any of the standard scales but you can also deduce the non-standard scales that are usually needed when working with graphics files or scanned drawings. Customized templates make dealing with different client requirements simple and reliable.

Roll Allocation

FloorRight Commercial includes a powerful roll allocation feature. Initial job estimation is done assuming an infinite roll of material. Once you learn the actual roll lengths to be delivered, FloorRight will automatically assign cuts to rolls in order to keep waste down.

Estimates in Minutes

FloorRight Commercial is extremely easy to use and requires no estimation or layout skills nor prior digitizer experience. The speed with which you can enter the data, produce a layout (even when many different materials are being used), complete the estimate and print room, seam, stock and roll allocations makes it possible to explore many alternatives and offer your customer a variety of options, all in much less time than it would normally take to produce a single layout.

Estimates in Minutes

For years FloorRight has been setting the standard for floor covering estimation. Users everywhere, from the small "Mom and Pop" retailers to the large, multi-million dollar commercial outfits, have come to rely on FloorRight's accuracy, flexibility, and ease of use. Using FloorRight will ensure that your estimation is reliable, that the entire process, from estimation to installation, is efficient and that both customer service and profitability are maximized.

Enhanced Editing Features

FloorRight 2004 introduces a powerful new editing tool for creating peninsulas, alcoves and islands in rooms. These room features are all fully supported by the layout algorithms, with waste from underneath islands reused in other parts of the floorplan.

Borders and Carpet Tile

FloorRight 2004 allows you to specify borders for rooms. Each border has its own carpet style and can be laid with mitered edges or you can let FloorRight seam it automatically. You can have multiple nested borders. FloorRight 2004 also introduces a carpet tile facility, fully supported by both the floorplan view and the cost estimation window.

Fully Customizable

FloorRight has a fully featured automated layout engine, but it does not force you to accept its automatic solution. It gives you the capability of customizing the solution by adding seams, removing seams and by moving pieces on the stock.

Works with the Leica Disto Laser Measuring Tool

FloorRight requires no previous estimation skills. Measurement data is easily entered or downloaded from the Leica Disto. The interactive tutorial will soon have you up to speed and your new level of professionalism and service will result in greater customer satisfaction and enhanced profits.

Flexible Hard Copy Output

  • Print rooms with or without seam locations
  • Print stock showing placement of pieces
  • Print the back view of the stock (for cutting)
  • Custom headers and logo
  • Color-coded legend of materials used in job.

Entering Rooms

  • Simple drawing of rooms of any shape
  • Special, fast entry for stairs
  • Easy and intuitive room editing
  • Symbols for doors and windows
  • Toolbar buttons for speedy room positioning
  • Trace over bitmaps or scanned drawings

Examine Multiple Options in Seconds

  • Compare layouts north/south and east/west
  • Set pile direction parallel to any wall
  • Add, eliminate or flip seams
  • Define custom layout styles
  • Drag and drop pieces on the stock
  • Compare using different material widths
  • Setup custom templates for different needs
  • Enter boxed materials
  • Associate related items (tack strip, pad, labor, base etc.) with any material
  • Automatic room borders
  • Use carpet tiles
  • Create your own job checklist

Customize to your Own Needs

  • Import and export of information
  • Handles multiple tax rates
  • Works in feet and inches or meters
  • Handles any pattern width

Reduce costs


Our FloorRight™ software enables you to reduce costs by providing accurate seam positions within rooms, accurate stock layouts, and minimized waste. With the seam positions and the stock layouts, you know exactly how much material the job requires and how to lay it.


Close sales faster


Wouldn't it be nice if your customer thought that they were getting a good estimate from your salesperson? FloorRight provides a professional look and a feeling of security to your customers. This feeling of security will help convince your customer that they are dealing with a high-quality company.

Sometimes customers question how much material is really needed for a job. They may know the area of their house and wonder why you say they need more material than that. FloorRight's stock layout can be used to explain the necessary waste to a customer.


Get more repeat business


FloorRight enables you to have reliable communication among your customers, your sales force, and your installers. Your customers will know exactly what they are getting, so they will be happier with the whole job. That means they are more likely to recommend your company to other people and more likely to use you for their next job.




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