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Wintab Drivers & The Logic Group's Wintab Installation Wizard

The Wintab driver is a windows driver provided by the tablet manufacturers to communicate between the digitizing tablet and Windows programs.  The wintab driver is needed to use the digitizer in Autocad, CorelDraw, drawing programs, cad programs, and most third party software.

Over the last 10 years, The Logic Group has successfully installed the wintab driver on thousands of computers and hundreds of different digitizing tablets.

The Logic Group has developed a Wintab Installation Wizard that in a series of simple steps will install and test the wintab driver and digitizing tablet. The wizard includes the following:

1. Works with the digitizing tablets listed on the right

2. Any size digitizer

3. Almost all versions of Windows

4. Serial or USB connection

5. Corded or cordless pen stylus or cursor

6. Downloadable Test program to test the digitizer

7. Downloadable Test program to test the wintab driver

8. Online, simple instructions for installing the wintab driver

There is a small fee for using The Logic Group's Wintab Installation Driver. A successful wintab installation is guaranteed or there will be no charge. The fee ranges from $25 for new digitizers to $100 for older models.

Order Wintab Installation Wizard Now


If you purchased your digitizing tablet from The Logic Group, free use of the Wintab Installation Wizard is included with the sale of the digitizer.

Wintab Installation Wizard

Supported Digitizing Tablets


GTCO Rollup

GTCO Rollup II



Calcomp Drawingboard
Calcomp Drawingboard 2
Calcomp Drawingboard 3
Calcomp Drawingboard 4
Calcomp Drawingboard 5
Calcomp Drawingboard 6

GTCO Super L
GTCO Super L2
GTCO Super L2+
GTCO Super L3
GTCO Super L4
GTCO Super L6

GTCO Accutab
GTCO Accutab 2
GTCO Accutab 6

Summagraphics Summasketch
Summagraphics Summasketch Professional
Summagraphics Summasketch 2
Summagraphics Summasketch 2 Plus
Summagraphics Summasketch 3

Summagraphics Microgrid
Summagraphics Microgrid 2
Summagraphics Microgrid 3
Summagraphics Microgrid LX
Summagraphics Summagrid 3
Summagraphics Summagrid 4
Summagraphics Summagrid 5
Summagraphics Summagrid 6
Summagraphics Summagrid 7

Calcomp 9100
Calcomp 9500
Calcomp 2500

Numonics Accugrid





Order Wintab Installation Wizard Now