Digitizing Solutions

Logic Trace Cnc Dxf

For CNC & Cutting Industries

Logic Trace Software

Trace patterns and create DXF files

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Plan and Plan Plus

For Oil & Gas Industries

Digitize isopach maps and calculate contour areas, map volumes, and oil and gas in place

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Digitizing Tablets

The Logic Group Logic Tracer

Made by GTCO for Logic Group

Logic Tracer Digitizing Tablet Learn More

Calcomp Drawingboard 6

A High Accuracy Digitizer

Planimetering Software Learn More

Fast Takeoff

For Construction Industries

Perform quantity takeoffs using a digitizing tablet

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Logic XY Points

For All Industries

Quickly and accurately digitize points from maps, graphs, paper, designs.

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GTCO Rollup 3

A Flexible Digitizer Takeoff Software Learn More

GTCO Super L6

A Work Horse Digitizer

XY Point Digitizing Learn More
The Logic Group