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Digitizers are electronic boards that send very accurate points to a computer through a usb cable. Used with appropriate software, digitizers can trace parts and patterns, compute areas and lengths, and digitize XY points for Excel spreadsheets. Digitizing tablets are useful in many industries.

Digitizer types include rigid hardboards, flexible rollups, and large jumbos. Hardboard tablets are very durable and range in size from 12x12" (30x30cm) to 44x60" (110x150cm). Rollup digitizers are flexible and portable and range in size from 20x24" (50x60cm) to 36x48" (90x120cm). Jumbo boards are multiple digitizers connected together, from 2 to 16, for tracing very large patterns and parts.

Digitizing Tablets come with a pen stylus or cursor for digitizing. A pen stylus has a click tip on the end and side buttons. The cursor looks like a mouse and has 16 buttons with a cross hair on a magnifying glass for added accuracy.

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Digitizer 44x60 $3149

Digitizer Pointer

Calcomp Drawingboard 6

A hardboard digitizer - Learn More

Digitizing Solutions

Logic Trace Cnc Dxf

Trace parts and outlines and create DXF files for CNC, CAD, and cutting industries - Learn More

Fast Takeoff

Calculate areas, lengths, and counts from construction plans for the building industries - Learn More

GTCO Rollup 3

A flexible, portable digitizer - Learn More

GTCO Super L6

A hardboard digitizer - Learn More

Fast Excel XY Points

Digitize scaled XY points from maps, graphs, paper, designs, anything and export to Excel, for all industries - Learn More

Logic Pattern Trace

Logic Trace Software

Trace patterns and outlines for the apparel industry - Learn More

Jumbo Tracer

Digitize large patterns using multiple digitizers and create DXF files for CNC, CAD, and Cutting - Learn More

Digitizer Pointers

XY Point Digitizing

Corded or cordless pen stylus and 4 or 16 button cursors

Plan and Plan Plus

Digitize isopach maps and calculate contour areas, map volumes, OOIP and OGIP for the oil induustry - Learn More

Logic Area & Lengths

Set scales and calculate areas and lengths for all industries - Learn More

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