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GTCO Calcomp is the primary manufacturer of digitizing tablets in the US and worldwide. Available digitizers include the GTCO Calcomp Drawingboard VI, GTCO Rollup III, and GTCO Super L6, and Quikruler. GTCO does not sell their digitizers direct to users, preferring to use a dealer network, such as The Logic Group.

The Logic Group has been selling GTCO digitizers for over 30 years and is one their largest dealers. We write digitizing software specializing in software to trace patterns, calculate areas and lengths, and digitize points for exporting to Excel. We are experts on GTCO digitizers, digitizer software, digitizer repair, part replacement, and software requirements.

If you need to purchase, repair, replace or have a question about a GTCO digitizer product please contact our office or choose one of the options below.

A Digitizing Tablet is an electrical-magnetic board and pointer (pen or cursor) that can send highly accurate XY points to a computer program. The board is about an inch thick, contains an electrical grid underneath a hard Formica surface. The digitizer's pen or cursor (mouse-like device with magnifying glass and crosshair) creates a magnetic field which is "sensed" by the electrical grid in the board. Press the tip of the pen or push a button on the cursor and a highly accurate XY point, representing this location, is sent to the computer through a USB or serial connection.

Digitizing Tablet Sales

Digitizing Tablet Support

The Logic Group repairs and services all digitizer models of GTCO Rollups, Super L's, Accutabs, Calcomp Drawingboards, Summagraphics, Numonics, and Altek.

Logic Group Digitizing Software

Logic Trace Cnc Dxf - Digitize a part or pattern and save a DXF file for the CNC, CAD, and Cutting industries

Fast Takeoffs - Digitize building plans and compute areas, lengths, and counts

Fast Points - Digitize points off of graphs, maps, paper, anything

GTCO Digitizer $3149

GTCO Digitizer
Digitizer Pointer

Calcomp Drawingboard 6

A Hardboard digitizer - Learn More

GTCO Rollup 3

A flexible, portable digitizer - Learn More

GTCO Super L6

The Logic Group Logic Tracer

Calcomp Drawingboard 6

GTCO Rollup 3

GTCO Super L6

Logic Trace Cnc Dxf

For CNC, Cad, & Cutting Industries

Logic Trace Software

Trace designs and parts and create DXF files for loading into CNC, CAD, and cutting software and hardware.

Learn More

Plan and Plan Plus

For Oil & Gas Industries

Digitize isopach maps and calculate contour areas, map volumes, and oil and gas in place

Learn More

Fast Takeoff

For Construction Industries

Perform quantity takeoffs using either a digitizing tablet or on screen with digital plans

Learn More

Jumbo Tracer

For All Industries

Digitize large patterns using multiple digitizers and create DXF files for CNC, CAD, and Cutting.

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