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Summagraphics Digitizing Tablets

In 2006, the manufacturer stopped making and selling new Summagraphics

digitizers. The Logic Group sells used refurbished Summagraphics

digitizers of all makes and models, we have an extensive inventory of

spare parts, wintab drivers installation wizards, and digitizing software

that works on the Summagraphics digitizers.


Summagraphics Digitizing Tablet Models


Summagraphics Tablets

Used, Parts, Drivers, Software


Summagrid 7

Summagrid 6

Summagrid 5

Summagrid 4

Summagrid 3

Microgrid 3

Microgrid 2



Summasketch 3

Summasketch 3 Plus

Summasketch 3 Pro

Summasketch 2

Summasketch 2 Plus

Summasketch 2 Pro


Summasketch Pro



Used Summagraphics Tablets

Used Summasketch Tablets

Summagraphics Spare Parts

Summagraphics Wintab Drivers

Summagraphics Digitizing Software


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