2018 Logic Trace CNC DXF Update

More circle options, mirror images, text labels,

zoom/viewport, improved spline fit, reset digitizer and more

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New Circle Methods and Text Labels

2018 Logic Trace CNC DXF Update

  • Mirror images. Digitize half of a part or pattern, click Mirror button and mirror image is automatically added to drawing.
  • New Circle method. Define a circle by digitizing three points on the circle or digitizing the center point and inputting a diameter or radius
  • Digitize multiple circles without stopping
  • Set the diameter for multiple circles
  • Add Text labels anywhere in the drawing and save in the DXF file
  • Improved spline curve fitting. Digitize a smooth curve with multiple points and have a spline curve fit through the points
  • Improved Windows 10 compatibility
  • Added viewport/zoom capability. Zoom into a portion of the board or drawing. Move the viewport
  • New button to reset digitizing. If board is not responding to pen stylus, click button to reset digitizer
  • Improved ability to save a drawing, reload with alignment, and edit

Mirror Image

Update Price: $500

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Zoom and Viewport

Update Summary

Improved Spline Curve Fit