Logic Trace Easy Layouts

Quickly Copy and Arrange Multiple Patterns

on a Full Sheet and Save a File for Cutting or Printing

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Logic Trace Easy Layouts

Frequently users need the ability to cut multiple copies of the same part or the ability to arrange multiple parts on a sheet for cutting or printing. Logic Trace Easy Layouts makes this process very quick and easy.


  • Easily add a full sheet of one part
  • Add different parts are one design
  • Choose where parts are going to be arranged
  • Sheet size, width and height, can be set along with a no cut edge and space between parts
  • Metric and english units
  • Click on sheet with mouse to choose exact location
  • Rotate parts and change sizes
  • When finished create dxf, dwg, pdf, svg file

Logic Trace Easy Layouts is an optional software ad-on and costs $1000 with the purchase of the Logic Trace Digitizing System.

The Logic Group Logo
The Logic Group Logo

Layout to Laser Cut Example

Price: $1000