The Logic Trace System for Apparel

Board, Pen and Cursor, Software

Trace Patterns
Save Design Files

For Fashion and Design Industries

Logic Trace System for Apparel - Trace & Save Files



Electronic Board, Pen and Software

Quickly and accurately trace patterns and save design files for apparel software and cutting machines

Output Vector Files


Almost all apparel programs can read one of these file formats.

Apparel Software

Create output files easily loaded into Optitex, Pad Systems, Gerber, Lectra, Clo3D, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, TukaCad, Bronzwear, Fushion 360, Marvelous Designer, Pattern Smith, Smart Designer, Tailornova, Inkscape, and more

Portable Rollups

When portability matters, flexible tracing boards are also available. The rollup cursor is more accurate than the pen stylus.

Input Devices

Logic Tracer, Calcomp Drawingboard, GTCO Rollup, GTCO Super L, Jumbo Tracer, or computer screen.

On-Screen Tracing

Load PDF's and pictures and trace on-screen and save full size DXF and PDF files.

Logic Trace System for Apparel - Easy



Apparel Tracing

- Trace outlines, sew lines, internal outlines, internal sew lines

- Trace grain line, mirror line, stripe line, or plaid line

- Trace drill holes

- Trace notches: V notch, T notch, U notch, castle notch, and check notch

- Option to save curve and turn points in DXF-ASTM file

Tracing Methods

Trace designs using freehand draw, lines, arcs, curves, points, circles, and shapes

Trace with the Pen Stylus

Use the pen stylus to trace patterns.

Use an iPad

Control and see the tracing on your iPad

Trace with the 16-Button Cursor

Trace the pattern with the cursor and program the cursor buttons to be different software commands.

Logic Trace System for Apparel - Fast




Trace Apparel Patterns

Outlines, Sew Lines, Internal Outlines, and Internal Sew Lines

Trace Apparel Lines

Grain, Mirror, Stripe, and Plaid

Trace Apparel Points

Drill Holes, V Notches, T Notches, Castle Notches, Check Notches, U Notches


Customize the software to meet your specific needs.

Fast and Easy

Trace and save

Most Popular Logic Trace Sizes for Apparel

The most commonly sold sizes in the apparel industry are the 36x48" (90x120cm) and 44x60" (110x150cm) hardboard or 36x48" (90x120cm) and 30x36" (75x90cm) portable rollup. We also have available smaller and larger tracing systems.


Software currently available in 15 languages

Windows and Mac Computers

Also support for cellphones, ipads, tablets, external monitors

Electronic Tracing Boards - Digitizers


How a Tracing Board Works

The electronic board is a grid of wires going up and down and across with a hard formica surface. The pen stylus or cursor generates a magnetic field that is "sensed" by the board. Push a button on the pen or cursor or push down on the tip of the pen and a stream of accurate XY points are sent to the computer. The Logic Trace software then displays these points as a drawing or numbers.

Hardboard Sizes

44x60 in (110x150 cm)

36x48 in (90x120 cm)

24x36 in (60x90 cm)

20x24 in (50x60 cm)

12x18 in (30x45 cm)

Rollup Sizes

36x48 in (90x120 cm)

30x36 in (60x90 cm)


0.01" (0.254mm)

0.005" (0.127mm)


The boards are made in the USA, are in stock, and ready to ship anywhere in the world.

Logic Trace System

Logic Trace System

Board, Pen or Cursor, Software

Trace and Save

Trace and Calculate