The Logic Trace System

Electronic board, pen and software

Trace and Save DXF Files
Trace and Calculate Numbers

Fast, Accurate, Easy



CNC and CAD Industries
Fashion and Design Industries
Estimating and Building Industries

Logic Trace System - For Any Task

Video - Logic Trace System


Electronic Board, Pen and Software

Quickly and accurately trace parts, patterns, designs, plans, maps, graphs - anything

Trace & Save Files for CNC & CAD Industries

DXF, PDF, SVG and more.

Easy as 123

Start the software, trace the items with the pen, save graphic files and calculate numbers

Trace & Calculate for Estimating & Take-Offs

Areas, perimeters, lengths, counts, XY points and curves. Load the numbers into excel or save.

One System for All

CNC, CAD, Apparel, Construction, woodworking, metal fabrication, glass, plastics, building, everybody

Trace & Save Files for Apparel Industries


Logic Trace Features

Video - CNC & CAD Example


Video - Apparel Example


Fast & Easy

Trace an entire outline with the pen stylus or cursor in minutes. Trace, Save, Calculate.


- The standard accuracy of the electronic board is 0.01 in (0.254mm) which is more than adequate for most applications.

- A higher accuracy board with 0.005 in (0.127mm) is also available.

Portable Rollups

When portability matters, flexible rollup tracing boards are also available. The rollup cursor is more accurate than the pen stylus.

Trace on Screen

Load a picture into the software, trace the outline using the computer mouse, and save a vector file or calculate numbers.

Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux Computers

Also support for cellphones, ipads, tablets, external monitors


Software currently available in 15 languages

Tracing - Easy and Fast

Video - Calculate Take-offs Example


Video - Example using all the tracing methods


Tracing Tools - Pen and Cursor

Trace an outline using the sharp tip of the pen stylus or using a cursor with magnifying glass and cross-hair.

Tracing Methods

Trace designs using freehand draw, lines, arcs, curves, points, circles, and shapes

Freehand Drawing

Trace complicated shapes simply by tracing with the pen stylus or with the 16 button cursor.

Easy Smooth Curves

Trace smooth curves with a series of points and when done the software will create a smooth curve through the points.

Lines and Arcs

Define straight lines by tracing starting and ending points, define arcs with 3 points

Circles and Shapes

Trace circles using any 3 points on the circle or tracing the center point and diameter. Trace squares and rectangles by tracing any 3 corners.

Unique Features

Video - Complete Trace to Cut


Use your Cell Phone and Ipad

- Place the cell phone or ipad on the tracing board for easy access

- Move the software control window to the cell phone (or ipad) and push buttons to control the tracing

- Move the software display window to the ipad (or tablet) and watch the design while tracing

Cursor Buttons

Program the buttons on the cursor to be different software commands.

Customize the Software

Change the software to meet your needs.

Electronic Tracing Boards - Digitizers

Video - Tracing Hardware


How a Tracing Board Works

The electronic board is a grid of wires going up and down and across with a hard formica surface. The pen stylus or cursor generates a magnetic field that is "sensed" by the board. Push a button on the pen or cursor or push down on the tip of the pen and a stream of accurate XY points are sent to the computer. The Logic Trace software then displays these points as a drawing or numbers.

Hardboard Sizes

44x60 in (110x150 cm)

36x48 in (90x120 cm)

24x36 in (60x90 cm)

20x24 in (50x60 cm)

12x18 in (30x45 cm)

12x12 in (30x30 cm)

Rollup Sizes

36x48 in (90x120 cm)

30x36 in (60x90 cm)

Jumbo Sizes

5x8 ft (1.5x2.4m)

5x12 ft (1.5x3.6m)

5x16 ft (1.5x4.8m)

8x11 ft (2.4x3.3m)

8x16 ft (2.4x4.8m)

8x22 ft (2.4x6.6m)


0.01" (0.254mm)

0.005" (0.127mm)


The boards are made in the USA, are in stock, and ready to ship anywhere in the world.

Jumbo Tracers - For Large Patterns

Video - Jumbo Tracer

Video - More Jumbo Details
Jumbo Tracer

Connect multiple boards for tracing very large patterns. Connect two to eight boards together for tracing patterns anywhere from 5x8' to 8x24'


After assembling a Jumbo Tracer, the boards are calibrated by tracing several points across the boards.

Jumbo Sizes

Editing Between Boards

Trace between boards, by defining alignment points, moving the pattern, realigning, and editing

Logic Trace System


Trace parts and patterns, save DXF vector files, and load files into any CNC or CAD software and hardware

Apparel and Design

Trace patterns and designs and save DXF-ASTM, DXF-AAMA, and PDF files for loading into apparel and graphic programs

Estimating and Calculating

Trace blueprints and plans and calculate areas, lengths, counts for the building and estimating industries