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2018 Logic Trace Online Help

Click the "Can't Digitize" button on the lower left part of the Logic Trace software screen. This will reset the Tabletworks driver and restart the Logic Trace software. Try again to digitize. If this doesn't work try the following (Plan A or Plan B work 99% of the time):

Plan A Instructions Try First

1. Exit Logic Trace 2. Start tabletworks 3. Click Remove Tablet, if more than one remove all of them 4. Make sure digitizer is turned on 5. Click refresh List, did it find it? 6. Click Wintab at top, click Apply at bottom, Click Close 7. Start Logic Trace, digitize new 8. Top menu choose Setup, tablet setup 9. Choose Wintab Any Manufacturer, size, click install 10. Click Test XY, digitize a point 11. Should get X=xxxx, Y=yyyy

Plan B Instructions If A Doesn't work

1. Take the usb cable out of the computer 2. Start Tabletworks and click remove tablet on right to remove all tablets 3. Reboot the computer 4. Start tabletworks 5. Reattach the usb cable (works better if you reattach to a DIFFERENT usb port) 6. did Tabletworks find the digitizer, if not make sure it is turned on and click refresh list 7. Click Wintab at top, click Apply at bottom, Click Close 8. Start Logic Trace, digitize new 9. Top menu choose Setup, tablet setup 10. Choose Wintab Any Manufacturer, size, click install 11.. Click Test XY, digitize a point 12. Should get X=xxxx, Y=yyyy

Plan C Instructions If A and B Doesn't work

If that doesn't work, more complete reset is needed 1. unattached the digitizer usb from computer 2. uninstall Tabletworks 3. reboot computer 4. re-install Tabletworks 5. reboot computer 6. reattach usb to computer 7. check wintab in Tabletworks and apply, ok 8. test xy in logic trace

If still having problems call 512-656-8195 or email

The Logic Trace software requires the computer to have the Tablet Mode turned OFF in Windows 10.

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This is almost always caused by a unit conversion problem. The Logic Trace software is outputting the pattern in inches in the DXF file and the CNC software is reading the file as millimeters causing the pattern to be significantly smaller. There are three different solutions to this problem:
  1. Before loading the DXF file into your CNC software make sure the CNC software is going to read the file in inches.
  2. Change the Logic Trace software to output the file in millimeters. At the top menu click Setup - Units, scale units to cm/cm, and DXF file units to mm.
  3. In the Logic Trace software change the scale to 25.4 which will increase the size of the file. On the left menu click the scale button, input scale keyboard, input 25.4 for the scale and then click Done
You only have to do one of the 3 solutions.

There is only one pen stylus. The tracing board has an electrical grid underneath the surface - a bunch of wires going up and down and across. The pen stylus generates a magnetic field. Get the pen stylus close to the board and the board senses the magnetic field and knows exactly where the tip of the pen is. The pen does not need to be touching the board. Push a button on the pen and points go to the computer which the logic trace software turns into a DXF file.

Usually most people have no troubles tracing the outside of parts with the pen stylus it is the inside holes that cause issues. There is an easy fix. At the hardware store in the paint department they sell brown paper for protecting floors when painting. That paper changes color when wet. Try placing the paper on the board, place the part on top of the paper, trace the outside of the part, with a misting bottle spray water droplets in the inside holes, lift the part up, and then trace the wet spots.

If the template is nonmetal for example a cardboard template, some people will trace the top of the template using the pen stylus or the cursor.

The preferred method for communicating with the digitizer is to use the Tabletworks driver. But occassionally this is not posiible and another method is needed. You will need a serial cable, power supply, and serial to usb adapter available from The Logic Group. Here are the instructions:

  1. Unattach usb cable from computer and digitizer
  2. Uninstall Tabletworks
  3. Reboot the computer
  4. With the serial cable NOT attached to the serial to usb adapter (the 2" small adapter) attach the serial to usb adapter to a port on the computer
  5. Wait 30 seconds
  6. Open Windows Device Manager (click settings in windows, search for device manager, click device manager)
  7. In Device Manager, clicks Ports
  8. Is there a Serial to USB, com port #?
  9. If yes, make a note of the comport number (eg com port 4) and go to step 14. If there is not a serial to usb port listed in ports go to step 10.
  10. If there is not a serial to usb com port in ports, the driver must be installed.
  11. Unattach the serial to usb adapter from the computer
  12. Install the serial to usb driver that came on the small cd with the serial to usb adapter. It is the back of the packaging
  13. After installing the driver, reboot the computer, attach the serial to usb into the computer, go to step 5
  14. Connect the serial cable from the serial to usb adapter to the digitizer
  15. Attach the power supply to the digitizer
  16. Make sure the digitizer is turned on, it should beep and have a flashing light in the upper right corner
  17. Start Logic Trace, click digitizer new
  18. At top menu, click setup tablet setup, change driver from Tabletworks and manufacturer to Calcomp Drawingboard 2/3, change the comport to the comport # found in the device manager
  19. Click install, click test xy.
  20. Digitize a point on the digitizer should get x=XXXXX y=YYYYY
  21. Digitizer is ready.