Logic Trace Oil & Gas Digitizing System

Planimetering, Reserve Calculations, Leases & More for the Oil Industry

The number one planimetering program for the oil industry for over 30 years, used by 100's of companies worldwide

Digitize maps on digitizing tablets or digital maps on screen using mouse, pen or finger. Digitize wells, faults, contours, partial contours, leases, and well paths

Advanced features include 3D graphics, structure maps, map gridding, draingae areas, complex map calculations, importing and exporting. See the Product Information for a more complete listing of program features.

Use a digitizing tablet or on screen tracing and our Plan Plus software to quickly and accurately digitize isopach contours, calculate contour areas, map volumes, and oil & gas in place. Digitize well locations, faults, partial contours and sink holes. Digitize leases and compute lease volumes.
Vastly improved on-screen digitizing with automatic contour tracing, more image file formats supported, touchscreen support with stylus or finger, manual on-screen contouring with editing, and define bottomhole locations and well paths.
Planimeter Software

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Place Contour Map on Digitizing Tablet or Load on Screen

Start Logic Plan or Plan Plus Software

Digitize all the Contours

Calculate Contour Areas

Calculate Map Volumes and OOIP & OGIP

Current Users - Current Version is 2015

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