Logic Trace Takeoffs Digitizing System

Perform Accurate Takeoffs using a Digitizing Tablet with Paper Plans

and using a Computer Screen with Digital Image Files

A useful tool for builders, contractors, landscapers, floor and tile installers, roofers, concrete and asphalt layers, drywall installers, painters, and more.

See the Product Information for a more complete listing of program features.

Use a digitizing tablet or computer screen and our Fast Takeoff software to quickly and accurately perform quality takeoffs from blueprints and plans.
By providing the ability to perform takeoffs from printed or image blueprints and plans, users have great flexibility in finding needed areas, lengths, and counts.
One program for performing quantity takeoffs from a digitizing tablet or digital plans on screen. Compute areas, lengths, counts, volumes, and true areas. Easily add and subtract areas and lengths. Ability to load JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PDF blueprint and plan files. Import results to Excel spreadsheets. Start and stop digitizing using cursor buttons.
Takeoff Digitizing System
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Place plans on digitizing tablet or computer screen

Start Fast Takeoffs Software

Set the scale

Digitize areas, lengths, counts

Print results or export to Excel spreadsheet

Fast Takeoffs On Screen

Current Users - Current Version is 2015

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For Technical Support contact John.Walsh@LogicGroup.com or call 512-656-8195

Already have a digitizing tablet or only want to use to screen