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Logic Tracer Digitizing Tablets

Built by GTCO specifically for The Logic Group

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Logic Tracer is a digitizing tablet created especially for The Logic Group by GTCO Calcomp to bundle with The Logic Group's software. The Logic Tracer tablets come in a variety of sizes and accuracies. They can also be used with pen styluses or button cursors.

Special Features are:

Logic Tracer Digitizing Tablet
  • Industry's Highest Resolution and Accuracy
  • Large Format Digitizers - Resolution up to 12,700 lines per inch, Accuracy levels offered: ±0.010" and ±0.005".
  • Graphic Tablets (Small format digitizers) - Resolution up to 2,540 lines per inch, Accuracy up to ±0.010 inches

Choice of pointing devices

  • Cordless or corded 16-button cursor
  • Cordless or corded click tip pen with two side buttons
  • Cordless light touch pen with two side buttons
  • Cordless pressure pen with two side buttons
  • Illuminated 16-button cursor with high-accuracy digitizers
Logic Tracer Digitizing Tablet

Convenience features

  • Easy-to-install software
  • Integrated USB connection allows digitizer to be powered through USB port on connected computer
  • Integrated USB and RS-232 serial connections (RS-232 Serial requires optional power supply)

Two Year Manufacturer Warranty

Sizes Active Area (and Actual Size)

12" x 12" (16"x16")

12" x 18" (16"x24")

20" x 24" (26"x30")

24" x 36" (32"x44")

36" x 48" (44"x60")

44" x 60" (54"x70")

Logic Tracer Digitizing Tablet

Logic Group Software

Logic Tracer digitizing tablet is compatible with all of The Logic Group's software. A bundle of Logic Tracer digitizing tablet and software is available.

Logic Tracer Digitizing Tablet

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Logic Tracer Digitizing Tablet