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Finally, a way to create a vector file for CNC and CAD in minutes not hours.

In the past, reproducing a part or pattern in CAD took hours, painful hours.



The Logic Group has a better and faster way




A Better and Faster Way in 3 Easy Steps   Like Magic! #


Step 1

Place the part or pattern on the Logic Trace electronic board. Parts can be metal, cardboard, plastic, glass, wood, paper drawings, anything!


Step 2

Start the Logic Trace Software and trace the part or pattern with the pen stylus. Tracing can be freehand drawing, lines, arcs, circles, and curves. Add any inside holes.


Step 3

Save the design as a DXF or other vector file and load the file into your CNC or CAD software. Total time from start to finish, just minutes!

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The Details the People Want to Know

A 44x60” system costs $4300. Smaller and larger systems are available.



The Logic Trace electronic board, cordless pen stylus, and Logic Trace CNC DXF software. Everything you need to trace a part or pattern and create a DXF file. All you will need is a place to put the board and a windows computer with a usb port.


Of course! Almost half of our clients are metal fabrication shops. Some metals may interfere with the pen and cause problems with inside holes but usually the outside can be accurately traced. When interference does happen just place paper under the part, digitize the outside, mark the holes onto the paper, lift the part, and trace the holes.


Highly accurate. Two accuracies are available on The Logic Group Tracer boards: standard 0.01" (.254mm) and higher 0.005" (.112mm).

The Logic Trace System Board sizes are 44x60" (110x150cm), 36x48" (90x120cm), 24x36"(60x90cm), 20x24" (50x60cm), 12x18" (30x45cm), and 12x12" (30x30cm).



YES. The Jumbo Tracer CNC product connects multiple digitizers together to create tracing systems 5x8' (1.5x2.4), 5x12' (1.5x3.6), 5x16' (1.5x4.8), 8x11' (2.4x3.3m) and 8x16' (2.4x4.8m) in size.

Machine Shops, Woodworking Shops, Glass shops, Metal Fabricatoers, Auto Film Protection, Marine, Aviation, Furniture Makers, Apparel Companies, Upholstery, Kitchen Countertop Installers, Marble Companies, Hobbyists, Large Companies, Mom and Pop Shops. Everyone.

We have sold over 3000 boards, with almost 10,000 users in over 75 countries.


Plasma cutters, waterjets, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, plotters, any and all CNC machines.

Works with all software: Autocad, Plasmacam, Mastercam, Mach3, Bobcad, Vectric, Vcarve, SigmaNest, Solidworks, Rhino, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Gerber and many others.

Our DXF files are compatible with all CNC and CAD software



Very Easy to use. Literally click Start, trace the outline with the pen, click Done, and click Save File. Most users learn how to use the software in less than ten minutes.


Over ten years with multiple updates and improvements.

Lots, visit our Video Library.

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Logic Trace CNC DXF System

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