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Live Video Stream

The weekly live video streams have been suspended this summer while John Walsh helps his new grandson with daycare and will resume the live streams in August 2023.


New boards are made in Scottsdale Arizona USA and all sizes are currently in stock. We have the following refurbished boards available: 3 44x50, 2 36x48, and 2 36x48 Rollups. Contact our office for pricing. We do not ship refurbs overseas.

New Dealer

John Haw added a new dealer in South Africa. Welcome Danie at Zonhan Wind & Solar. May 22,2023. Contact us if you are interesting becoming a dealer or reseller.

Logic Trace Software Minor Updates

We released a new version of the software with a few minor changes to the apparel and estimating/calculating parts of the software. Contact us if you need the update. May 10, 2023

We released a new version of the software fixing a problem when calibrating the Jumbo Tracer in 2 rows. Contact us if you need the update. May 5, 2023

Logic Trace Website

Updated all the pages on June 5, 2023. Let us know what you think

Recent Videos:

Apparel Example
May 31, 2023

Bracket Example
May 31, 2023

School Take-Off Example
May 31, 2023

Watchful Eye & Vinyl Cut
May 27, 2023

Light House Harbour Scene
May 27, 2023

Guitar Profile Traced & CO2 Engraved - May 27, 2923
Recent Questions:
When should one use the cordless pen, corded pen, or cursor?

When tracing along a part most people prefer to use the cordless pen. Occasionally the cordless pen gets interference from the part or from other items in the room, necessitating the use of the corded pen stylus which is much less susceptible to interference. When tracing a paper pattern or design, most people prefer the cursor.

Can the software be installed on more than one computer?

yes, for each license of the software, the software can be installed on 2 computers

Do you have a Mac version of the software?

Yes. Windows, Linux, and Mac versions of the Logic Trace Software

What is the best way to digitize a smooth curve?

You can trace the edge with the pen stylus or you can use the Curve Fit method tracing a series of points along the curve and the software automatically connecting with a smooth curve. Which one is best is up to you.




Logic Trace Current Version & Updates

Video - Intro to the latest version


Latest Version

The current version is Logic Trace Software Version Alpha, released in January 2023.

Completely rewritten, incorporating modern technology to create the best product possible for tracing patterns

Update Features
  • Multiple input devices - digitizing tablets, computer screens, tablets, jumbo tracers
  • Multiple applications - CNC & CAD, Apparel, and Estimating
  • Multiple device support - Windows, Mac, Linux, cellphones, tablets, iPad
  • Multilingual - English, हिन्दी, Español, Français, عربي, Português, اردو, Indonesian, Deutsch, 日本, Türk, Tiếng Việt, 한국인, Italiano, and Polski.
  • Completely rewritten in Python
  • New digitizer driver - more accurate, stable, and user friendly
  • Easy to use interface with icons, commands and buttons
  • Control the digitizer using your cellphone or iPad
  • Program the cursor and pen stylus buttons to any Logic Trace command
  • Higher resolution graphics and easily zoomable
  • Fully customizable, display only the features you will use
  • Trace patterns and save vector files
  • Trace plans and calculate numbers
  • Trace digital pictures on screen
Update Costs

If you purchased a Logic Trace System after Jan 1, 2022, this update is free. Contact our office to update.

If you have an older version (2018, 2015, 2013, or older), the update cost is $600. To order online click the 'Prices, Quotes, Order' menu option at the top of the page or contact our office.