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Friday January 13, 2023 at 10:00 am CST (US). We will demonstrate the new software with examples. All welcome. The live stream for today has been postponed. YouTube Reminder


New boards are made in Scottsdale Arizona USA and all sizes are currently in stock. We have the following refurbished boards available: 3 44x50, 2 36x48, 1 24x36, and 2 36x48 Rollups. Contact our office for pricing. We do not ship refurbs overseas.

New Videos

Stan posted 4 new videos. Dec 30,2022

New Dealer

John Haw added a new dealer in Canada. Welcome Rene at Fab-Cut. Dec 29,2022

New Logic Trace Software Release

Rewritten from the ground up in Python and using the best tools available. One program for tracing cnc, cad, apparel, and estimating. Highlights include Windows, Mac, Lunix support, improved tracing board drivers, easy to use buttons, calculations support, tracing using cell phones and ipads, cursor button assignments, and more. Oct 15, 2022.

New Logic Trace Website

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Recent Videos:

Geometric Weave Diagram. Dec 30, 2022

Tree Profile Scene Dec 30, 2022

Digitize Rubik's Cube Artwork

Digitize Compass Rose and Lasercut
Recent Questions:
Do you have a Mac version of the software?

Yes. Windows, Linux, and Mac versions of the Logic Trace Software

What is the best way to digitize a smooth curve?

You can trace the edge with the pen stylus or you can use the Curve Fit method tracing a series of points along the curve and the software automatically connecting with a smooth curve. Which one is best is up to you.